The Difference Hand-cut Coin Jewelry

E-Commerce Website

The Difference coin jewelry pendants, earrings, cuff links and money clips are hand cut by professional artisans who are committed to achieving the highest standards of quality and beauty.

cdeVision designed and developed a new e-commerce website for the online jewelry retailer. The website showcases the beauty and detail of these unique coin jewelry pieces, with the ease of purchasing online through the website. The professional photography of Silver Photography, captures the beauty and fine details of the their jewelry catalog with a mix of staged and modeled photos.

cdeVision also manages the Difference’s Facebook and Instagram social media accounts and pay-per-click advertising program through Google Ads as separate on-going projects.

Project Details

Responsive Design
Custom WordPress Theme
On-line Ordering/Shipping
WooCommerce Customization


The new Difference website looks absolutely fantastic! Great work (as usual) from Bill and Antonio. Thanks for making our jewelry look so good!

Michael Vincent

the Difference Coin Jewelry by cdeVision - Holyoke, MA
the Difference Coin Jewelry by cdeVision - Holyoke, MA