Our Version of an Instagram Takeover

The phrase “Instagram takeover” sounds undeniably cool, but what exactly is it? An Instagram takeover is basically an event where you give someone temporary access to your Instagram account. During the “takeover period”, the guest temporarily running your account is allowed to post photos and/or videos to your Instagram feed, and they can also respond to comments from your followers as well.

Our Version of a Takeover

We act as you or your business. Taking over your Instagram account for a set period of time, posting on the best days and times.

  • We plan the details of your takeover with a quick phone or in-person meeting.
  • You give us direct access to your Instagram account.
  • You send us the pertinent files (photos, videos, text) that we will post on your behalf.
  • We post on your behalf, interacting with your audience, increasing post likes and followers.
  • At the end of the set period of time, we consult and train you on the best hashtags, best times to post and other insights we have gained during the takeover.

There are individual brands within every industry that can benefit from Instagram. With Instagram being the 2nd most popular social media app in the United States in 2018, it might be time to start using it more effectively for your business. Contact us to learn more about our social media services.

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